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The Aries vane gear has been in production since 1970. It works on the servo pendulum system in which the vane operates a servo rudder which can swing sideways. This motion is transmitted to the tiller or wheel by ropes and blocks. The gear is suitable for all yachts up to 55 ft. L.O.A. The minimum size vessel is usually around 28 ft. L.O.A. because the gear weight of 35 kg is unacceptable on smaller boats unless they have broad stern sections.

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Windpilot attacks Aries!
Dear Sailor,

First I will tell you why I choose to publish this. The case set up raw and simple:

Windpilot Peter Forthman (PF) claims, and have done so for many years, that I (Peter Matthiesen) invented the Bad Weather problem (BWP) and that it never existed in real.

Some months ago, he choose to send a lawyer on me to make me take away this explanation.

Why does he have such a problem? I am telling what was wrong with an Aries design, that was in production just a couple of years, back in end seventies! I tell you why. Because his (own) design look so much like our old Aries that we are talking about the biggest coincidence in history.

Anyway, again: Why do I choose to make this public. Because even though that I made PF understand that I did NOT invent the BWP, he still claims me to have done so on his homepage. So here we go:
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"Aries has moved to Holland.
New owner is Lean Nelis",

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