Catalogue Overview

The Aries catalogue describes how the Aries vane gear actually works, it gives a few examples of mountings and describes how to use the gear together with wheel steering.


Product Line Descriptions

All our products are based on Aluminum castings, some from sand patterns, some from dies. Such as bevel gear and mounting brackets are solid, stainless die castings.

The Complete Vane Gear

To the right, you are looking at the complete Aries Vane Gear.
The gear comes with six Mounting Brackets, two Wind Vanes and one Servo Rudder. Additionally you may want to order a Tiller Clamp set or a complete Wheel Drum set, depending on your Yachts steering method.

Aries Vane Gear Complete Details

Mounting Brackets

Tiller Kit

Wheel Kit

Wind Vane

Servo Rudder

Universal Block


Mounting Brackets Details
Tiller Kit Details
Wheel Kit Details
Wind Vane Details
Servo Rudder Details
Universal Block Details
Hinge / Cover Hat Details

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